Now recording live from Eaton

Across the Pond was started in 2013 after a group of Premier League supporters found the courage to share their takes with the world. Over the years we’ve grown a community of Premier League fans - old and new - whose moods directly reflect their club’s result each week. This is us.

As years picked up, so did our lives. Miles moved from country to country, Sheyi changed cities as much as he changed clubs and Jacob is set to move across the world. But because of that, Across the Pond has always felt nomadic to us since its inception. This changes now.

Starting this September, we'll be recording live every Sunday at Eaton DC to bring you our weekly show with even more banter, more flare, and our sad attempt at providing Premier League entertainment. DM us on Twitter if you're in DC and want to sit-in on a live episode.

Photography: Champion Slye

Cinematography: Jeff Franko


About Eaton

Eaton DC pioneers an interdisciplinary hotel experience to travelers seeking inspiration, innovation and impact. We set the stage for residing guests, locals and house members to congregate around creativity and consciousness-building.

Eaton Hotel offers provocative content and programming, social and creative incubators, as well as a radical approach to food and beverage, wellness and the arts. Each hotel’s ethos and design reflects the city it resides in, resulting in a diverse portfolio of properties aligned by a shared social mission.